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Pick one of our CV templates, each meticulously designed with help from leading HRs from around the world. All our templates are professional, ATS-friendly, stylish, and easy to read, so you can create the perfect CV in minutes. Get started and take the first step towards your dream job today!

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Creative CV Template


Creative Curriculum Vitae (CV) template for people that are applying for jobs in young companies or start-ups where creativity and innovation are highly valued.
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Basic CV Template


A basic Curriculum Vitae (CV) layout that can be used in both classic and creative industries. It can be easily personalized for whichever industry you are applying for.
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Skill-Based CV Template


This skill-based CV is a perfect template for pursuing a new career and applying to other industries.
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Minimalist CV Template


A clear and perfectly clean CV design that is perfect for applying in more conservative industries such as banking and law.
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Hybrid CV Template


Use the hybrid format when you need a CV that perfectly combines your skills and professional experiences.
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Traditional CV Template


The traditional CV template will allow you to finish your job application within minutes, focusing on the essential sections.
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General CV Template


A general template that is versatile and can easily be adjusted and used for job applications in any industry.
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Modern CV Template


The focus on your modern Curriculum Vitae (CV) template should be on your achievements during your work at the previous Companies and your impact on the overall performance.
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Executive CV Template


Executive Curriculum Vitae (CV) sample used when applying for positions that require more than five years of relevant work experience.
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IT CV Template


Are you looking to land a job in the IT industry? This premium template will ensure that your CV stands out from the rest.
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Simple CV Template


A simple Curriculum Vitae (CV) layout that was developed for Seniors that have extensive experience in conservative industries such as banking or law.
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Functional CV Template


A functional Curriculum Vitae (CV) template in which it is recommended to focus on the work experience and skills you developed in the last 10 years.
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Tech CV Template


The tech CV template will increase your chances of getting shortlisted for jobs in the tech sector.
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Professional CV Template


A professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) template that was developed in collaboration with multiple recruiters to increase your chances of getting your dream job.
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Combined CV Template


The combination CV is perfect for professionals that wish to showcase both their work experience and skills at the same time.
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College CV Template


A college Curriculum Vitae (CV) template for the students that are applying for internships or jobs in academia or research where more than 1 page is needed.
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Whatever type of job you’re applying for, we have a template for you. Student applying for your first job? Use our college CV template. Advertiser looking for something more imaginative? Pick our creative CV template.

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Free CV Template to Copy and Use


Name: [Your Full Name]

Job Title: [Your Current Job Title or Professional Designation]

Email Address: [Your Professional Email Address]

Phone Number: [Your Contact Number]

LinkedIn: [LinkedIn Profile URL]

Optional: [Personal Website], [Twitter Handle], [Other Relevant Links]


Results-driven and [Choose one: dependable/detail-oriented/creative] [Your Job Title] with over [X] years of extensive experience in the [Your Industry/Niche]. Proven track record of [choose one: increasing revenue/cutting costs/training employees/other significant achievements], improving operational efficiency by [X]% within [Your Previous Company]. Eager to bring expertise in [specific skills or areas] to [Company Name], aiming to [choose one: enhance customer satisfaction/drive ROI/ensure timely project delivery], and contribute to the company's success.


[Most Recent Job Title]

[Company Name]

[Employment Dates: Month/Year – Month/Year]

Briefly describe your primary responsibilities, emphasizing your role and contributions.

Achieved [specific result], resulting in [quantifiable outcome or improvement] by [specific actions you took].

Spearheaded [project or initiative], enhancing [specific area] by [quantifiable outcome].

Collaborated with [teams/departments], leading to [positive outcome].

[Previous Job Title]

[Previous Company Name]

[Employment Dates: Month, Year – Month, Year]

Summarize key responsibilities and achievements.

Implemented [strategy or process], which [resulted in/led to] [quantifiable outcome].

Recognized for [achievement or contribution], contributing to [company goal or milestone].


[Degree Type, e.g., BA/MA in Your Major]

[University Name], [Graduation Year]

[If applicable] GPA: [Your GPA] (Only include if 3.5 or above)

[Relevant coursework, academic achievements, or extracurricular activities]


[List all relevant skills for the position you are applying for.]

[If more than 5 of Hard and Soft skills, consider creating a different sections.]

[Hard Skill #1]: [Level – 1 to 5 - Beginner to Expert]

[Hard Skill #2]: [Level – 1 to 5 - Beginner to Expert]

[Hard Skill #3]: [Level – 1 to 5 - Beginner to Expert]

[Soft Skill #1]

[Soft Skill #2]

[Soft Skill #3]



[Certification Name], [Issuing Organization], [Year]


[Role], [Organization], [Year(s)]


[Conference Name], [Role/Topic], [Year]


[Brief description of hobbies or interests]

Expert Reviews

Biron Clark

Former Executive Recruiter


Novorésumé's CV templates are modern, eye-catching, and professional-looking. As a former Recruiter, I would be impressed if a job seeker sent their CV using one of these formats.

The layouts are interesting and will grab an employer's attention, without ever being too distracting. This is something that a lot of CV templates struggle to get right - they're either too simple and plain, or too colorful and distracting, which can end up costing you jobs. Novorésumé did a great job of finding a balance with their CV templates, which I believe will help you get more interviews.

Gabriela Tardea

Career Strategist, Coach & Trainer


Even for professionals, with 5+ years of experience, Novorésumé has a variety of templates with different options for layouts. What I love about this section is that the end result is nevertheless professionally crafted, easy to read and eye-catching.

The common challenge I encounter in my work with ambitious professionals is the struggle to comprise many years of work experience in max. 2-3 pages. Not only the design alone but the content and the structure of such templates on Novorésumé's website makes a CV writing a constructive and fun experience.

Oana Vintila

Career Counselor


Novorésumé's CV template bring some order into your professional history and moreover helps the recruiter help you.

CV Resources

What is a CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

CV (short for Curriculum Vitae) is the Latin word for “course of life.”

In a nutshell, a CV is a summary of who you are as a professional, including your work history, education, and skills. Done right, a CV is supposed to “sell you” to potential employers and land you a job.

#2. What’s the Difference Between a CV and a Resume?

Technically speaking, a CV and a resume are the same exact document, the only difference being that Americans call it a “resume,” whereas Europeans (and most other countries) call it a CV.

Here’s the catch, though.

A European CV can be between one and three pages long, depending on your career level and work experience.

A US resume, on the other hand, should (optimally) not be longer than one page (or two pages maximum, if you’re a seasoned professional with a lot of work experience to show for it).

For more on the CV vs Resume topic, check out our article.

How to Write a CV?

There’s a lot that goes into writing an attention-grabbing CV, so you’re better off reading our comprehensive guide to improve your chances of getting hired.

That said, here are some effective tips to get you started:

  1. Pick a CV template that works for you and suits your industry.

  2. Get the CV layout right by keeping your section headings consistent, leaving enough white space around the margins, and using a professional font.

  3. Add all the must-have contact details (e.g. name, job title, phone number, and email), as well as other relevant contact details, such as your LinkedIn profile.

  4. Include a concise CV summary that highlights your top achievements to grab the hiring manager’s attention from the get-go.

  5. Show off your work experience by including as many quantifiable achievements as possible.

  6. Keep your education section short and to the point by only mentioning your highest degree.

  7. List each and every soft and hard skill you have that is relevant to the job.

  8. Include optional CV sections, such as certificates and awards, languages, personal projects, or hobbies and interests.

  9. Follow the tips in our CV builder to help you polish your CV.

What to Include in a CV?

Some of the essential sections to include in your CV are:

  • Contact Information - This is where you include all your contact details, such as your phone number, email, name, title, and relevant social profiles (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

  • Resume Summary (or Resume Objective) - A three-four sentence summary of your experiences, key skills, and top achievements that is positioned at the top of your resume.

  • Work Experience - All your relevant job positions, starting from your current or most recent job and going backward in time from there. The work experience section is also where you list your achievements and/or responsibilities for each role.

  • Skills - A list of any hard and soft skills you possess that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

  • Education - This section should mirror your education history. If you’re not a recent graduate with little-to-no work experience, you should keep it short by only including your highest and most recent degree.

  • Optional section - Anything else that may improve your chances of getting hired, such as your awards, certificates, personal projects, internships, foreign languages you speak, etc.

How to Make a CV With No Experience?

If you’re a recent college graduate applying for an entry-level position, you likely have little-to-no work experience to add to your CV - and that’s totally OK. The hiring manager won’t expect you to have much work experience anyway.

There are other things you can add to your CV to stand out from other applicants, such as:

How Long Should a CV Be?

For most jobs, a CV can be between one and three pages.

That said, we always recommend keeping your CV short and to the point (i.e. one page long). The more concise you make your CV, the more likely it is for the hiring manager to read it from start to finish.

If you’re based in the US, though, and you’re applying for a job or admission in academia, your CV can be as long as it needs to reflect your lengthy academic career (i.e. eight pages or more).

What’s the Best CV Template in 2024?

There’s no one-fits-all answer to this question. A better one to ask is: what’s the best CV template for you?

Here’s our take on this:

  • Applying to a company that values innovation and creativity? Pick a creative CV template.

  • Are you applying to a more conservative company, such as a bank or law firm? Pick a more traditional and professional CV template.

  • Does the company you’re applying for fall somewhere between the two types we mentioned? Then pick a modern or simple CV template.

Top Tips for Picking a CV Template

If you’re still having trouble picking the perfect CV template for you, check out some tips that can help you get it right:

  1. Consider and understand your industry and its standards.

  2. Take into account the culture at the company you’re applying for.

  3. Think about the image you wish to project as a candidate.

  4. Assess your chosen template in terms of presentability and reader-friendliness.

  5. Think about which CV sections carry the most weight. Pick a template that puts extra emphasis on them.

  6. Make sure to pick a CV template without graphics, symbols, or any other unnecessary visuals.

  7. Make sure the template you choose has space for a photo (if you’re planning on including one, anyway).

  8. Finally, choose a template that feels right for you and that you genuinely like!

Get Inspired with Our CV Examples

CV Templates FAQ?

Who Created These CV Samples?

All of our CV templates are created by our team of graphic designers and HR experts. We put a LOT of care into making sure that our CV samples are as good as they possibly can be.

When creating new CV templates, we always:

  • Interview recruiters and employers to learn what they look for in a good CV.

  • Analyze the world’s most popular applicant tracking systems (ATS) to ensure that they work with our CV templates.

  • Polish each CV example to be easy to read and follow.

We always go the extra mile to make sure that our CV templates have just the right contents to land you your dream job!

Are These CV Templates Free?

Yes, most of the CV templates and features are free. If you want your job application to truly stand out, though, you can also upgrade to benefit from our premium features, such as more personalization options, access to premium cover letter templates, and more.

Can I Make an Academic CV With These Templates?

Yes, you can definitely make an academic CV with our CV templates.

Novoresume CV templates are customizable, which means that you can add as many pages as you need to describe your academic career comprehensively.

Are These CV Templates ATS-Friendly?

Yes. All our CV templates work well with popular Applicant Tracking Systems.

But that’s just a part of the process. The best way to meet ATS requirements is to also learn how to tailor your CV content to each job. Check out our guide on creating an ATS-friendly resume for more help with this.

What Is the Best CV Format in 2024?

The two most popular CV formats in 2024 are the chronological and the functional formats.

In 95% of cases, though, we recommend that you go for the chronological resume format. It’s the most popular format among recruiters worldwide and it does a great job highlighting your most recent achievements and work experiences.

That said, if you really believe that your strongest point as a candidate is your set of skills, then you might want to try the functional resume format instead.

How is a US CV different from an EU CV?

In the United States, a CV is used solely for the purpose of applying to jobs or openings in academia. As such, it’s a much more comprehensive overview of your career that can take as many pages as needed (i.e. 8 pages or more).

In Europe, on the other hand, a CV is the equivalent of a resume. It is used to apply for jobs and is meant to provide a more “relevant” view of your work experience that meets the job's requirements. CVs are typically 1-2 pages long.

PDF CV Templates vs Word CV Templates

All our CV templates are in PDF format because it looks much better across all devices and is a lot more secure than Word.

Word CV templates were the standard a few years back because most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) could not read PDFs.

This is not true for 2024, though, as PDF is currently the better and most widely preferred CV format for any job.

Do I Need to Submit a Cover Letter With My CV?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to submit a cover letter along with your CV.

Even if the job description doesn’t specifically ask for one or if the hiring manager never gets to read it, submitting a cover letter with your CV will show the hiring manager that you are a serious and professional candidate.

Struggling with your cover letter? Make sure to check out our guide on how to write an effective cover letter!